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    Engaging Assemblies - Lesson 1: Why bother with assemblies?

    One of the easiest ways to promote your school visits or outreach programme to local schools is to deliver assemblies. It's a great way to let pupils and staff know about your learning offer and to begin to form relationships with schools, plus you can often leave fliers for pupils to take home or launch competitions and special offers. Yet the idea of standing in front of dozens, if not hundreds of children and teachers, and getting them to listen attentively and behave beautifully for a prolonged period, may fill you with dread!

    Engaging Assemblies - Lesson 2: Dealing with behaviour and planning

    In Lesson 1 you learnt about the importance of assemblies and some practical tips for delivering a successful assembly. In this lesson we'll take a look at how you can deal with behaviour issues and what you might want to promote in your assembly.

    Using Questions Effectively - Lesson 1: What's the difference between open and closed questions?

    Incorporating effective questioning into your school sessions will make your delivery more engaging and will encourage your young audience to be curious, active learners. You should use a good mix of questioning styles and vary the way in which you invite learners to respond. It's also important to know which style of questioning you will use at different stages of your sessions and how you can incorporate children's own questions into the proceedings.

    Using Questions Effectively - Lesson 2: How to improve your use of questioning in your school sessions

    In Lesson 1 you learnt about the difference between open and closed questions and the impact of these different questioning styles on learners and you considered your use of questions in your current practice. In this lesson we'll look at some question you could ask and how to plan your sessions to facilitate ope-ended questions.

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