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    Assembly Planning Sheet

    Use our Assembly Planning Sheet to help plan well-paced, well-organised and engaging school assemblies to spread the word about your organisation.

    Assembly Themes Planning Sheet

    Use our Assembly Themes Planning Sheet to help you think about the topics/themes on which you could deliver schools assemblies. 

    School Contacts List

    Use this handy form to keep a log of your main contacts at local schools. 

    Session Plan Template

    Do you find yourself in a bit of a muddle when you deliver sessions to visiting schools? Do you feel disorganised and do you often run out of time? And are the session objectives as clear as mud in your head?

    School Visit Pupil Evaluation

    The best people to judge the effectiveness of your school visits programme are the children themselves. Honesty guaranteed!

    School Visit Audit Sheet

    Is your school visits programme well-organised, well-delivered and fresh? Are your facilities for schools up to scratch?  Are your procedures and processes in place? Don't forget to review your schools offer regularly to make sure it's the best it can possibly be!

    Pre-Visit Information Sheet

    School visit experiences begin from the moment the teacher contacts an organisation to research possible school trips. Make sure teachers are impressed by your learning programme by providing as much pre-visit information as possible.

    School Visit Teacher Evaluation

    You've just waved goodbye to a school group and really fancy a cup of tea and a biscuit. But before you do that, don't forget to email a session evaluation to the teacher leading the trip - how else will you know how well you're doing?

    Planning for Effective Questioning Worksheet

    Download our Planning for Effective Questioning sheet and use it to compose a good range of open and closed questions for your each of your school sessions. Think about how the questions would fit into the different parts of the sessions - you might want to use some quick and easy closed questions at the start to get the ball rolling and at the end to enable the teachers to asses and evaluate their pupils' learning.

    The Essential Checklist for School Trips

    You're all ready for an exciting day out with your class...but have you got everything you will need? Use our handy checklist to make sure you're prepared for every eventuality.

    What we do

    School Visits Network provides resources, training, news and support to organisations, businesses and individuals who offer learning opportunities, helping them to collaborate, network, share good practice and keep up to date to ensure high quality learning experiences.

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