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    Teacher Information Sessions at Shire Hall, Dorset

    Shire Hall, the historic courtroom and cells in the heart of Dorchester, will be running a series of drop-in information sessions for teachers.

    Shire Hall opens its doors for first school visits

    Shire Hall, the historic courtroom in the heart of Dorchester, has delivered its first learning session to a school group from Hampshire.

    Shire Hall: a brand new heritage attraction for Dorset

    Shire Hall Dorset, the fantastic new heritage attraction and centre for learning in the heart of Dorchester, is set to open its doors next month. 

    Science degrees not appealing to girls

    A new study has found that Stem subjects are still not as popular with girls when choosing university courses.

    National Youth Theatre calls for the revival of drama in schools

    National Youth Theatre leader Paul Roseby has spoken out about the current lack of investment in the arts and the impact that this is having on school drama.

    National Literacy Trust publishes results of children's book ownership survey

    The National Literacy Trust has published the results of a survey of more than 42,000 children on book ownership.

    BBC to visit schools for 'fake news' workshops

    The BBC is launching a new scheme to help young people identify real news and filter out fake or false information.

    Local accountancy firm offers workshops to local schools

    We're delighted to welcome Milsted-Langdon Chartered Accountants of Yeovil to our School Visits Network.

    Calls for school curriculum to include collaborative problem solving

    Chief executive of Nesta, Geoff Mulgan, has called for collaborative problem-solving to be placed at the heart of the curriculum, in order to 'prepare young people for the real world they'll encounter, not an imagined or past world'.

    The Ultimate School Trip competition from Jet2holidays

    Jet2holidays is giving children in years 5-9 the opportunity to win a school trip to Sol Katmandu Park and Resort in Majorca. 

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