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    Our Contributors

    Who We Are

    We are a team of teachers and school visit providers and between us we have many years experience of working with children, both in and out of the classroom. Some of us are teachers, others are learning officers and consultants and some are a bit of all three!

    We have a thorough knowledge of the National Curriculum, extensive experience of planning, organising and supporting school trips, outreach experiences and residentials, plus experience of delivering comprehensive learning programmes to schools.

    Got Something to Say?

    We're looking for people just like you to contribute news, articles and resources to help and support other school visit and outreach providers. You understand that the ‘one-size fits all’ National Curriculum does not always meet the needs of all children and you have seen first-hand the impact that school visits and local learning has on their progress and well-being.

    Your submission should:
    • have a school visits or local learning theme
    • demonstrate that you have knowledge of working with children and young people
    • be relevant to a variety of learning programmes and providers
    • be between 500 and 1000 words
    • be ready to publish

    To submit something for publication send it to Nicola at nicola@kuloko.co.uk along with a little bit about yourself.

    What we do

    School Visits Network provides resources, training, news and support to organisations, businesses and individuals who offer learning opportunities, helping them to collaborate, network, share good practice and keep up to date to ensure high quality learning experiences.

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