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    Let's dance till we're dizzy

    When I was a primary school teacher I felt frustrated by the assumption that I could teach absolutely anything. I was expected to be a 'jack of all trades', to be able to confidently teach French, gymnastics, drama DT, coding ... as well as being an accomplished writer, mathematician and scientist of course. And then there was dance. 

    Nature Reserves - the Natural Choice for School Trips

    I've recently being doing some work for nature reserves in the South West and have been really impressed by what they have to offer schools.

    Careers conundrum?

    I read a great article recently in a back copy of the TES magazine, in which a number of children were asked about their aspirations for the future. Their answers were very sweet - but it highlighted a real problem.

    Why schools in Devon are looking ELF-y

    Schools are increasingly looking to engage with local charities for fundraising and curriculum enrichment opportunities and one charity that's doing great work with Devon schools is Exeter Leukaemia Fund - otherwise known as ELF!

    Making school trips accessible for all pupils

    Taking part in the Heritage Ability conference at Durlston Country Park last week has really helped me understand some of the difficulties faced by disabled and deaf people when visiting heritage sites - and of course this has an impact on school trip opportunities for disabled pupils.

    A Schoolroom Drama

    There's a particular type of school visit experience where pupils are most definitely expected to be seen but not heard - and they absolutely love every minute!

    Castles and Coves

    Last week I happened upon a couple of interesting places that could easily be incorporated into a school visit to Weymouth.

    It's a Dog's Life at Weymouth College

    I had an unexpected treat yesterday during a visit to Weymouth College: I was introduced to the college labrador, Charity. Dogs in colleges you may ask? Well here's why I think it's such a brilliant idea.

    School drama: is this the tragic end?

    Chief executive and artistic director of the National Youth Theatre, Paul Roseby, has spoken out about the lack of funding for drama in schools and the deterioration of its status as a subject in its own right (read our news article here). But with the government still beating teachers with a big stick about English and maths results to the detriment of everything else, this was surely inevitable. So how can we stop this from being the tragic end for school drama?

    Do you 'think outside the box' when planning your learning programme for schools?

    I'm heartened to hear that some schools are still motivated to 'think outside the box' a little when it comes to school trips. But is your learning programme doing the same thing, or is it the same as all the others?

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